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Haiti Earthquake, Discourse, Political Reality. Worse Than Nagasaki.

What does it mean when an atomic bomb functions as a showcase of honesty?

I recently read through a conversation in The Boston Review titled “The Secret History of The Hatian Earthquake.” I found the conversation between Professor Colin Dayan and the Journalist Jonathan Katz to be very informative because of both participants’ input and their communication between each other. The conversation centered around placing Haiti in rightful context. As Colin Dayan describes in the introduction, the conversation sought to “contextualize the country’s complex politics in terms of its history, its relations with the United States and other countries, and ideas of race, class, and economics.”

As the conversation progressed, there was a point where Colin Dayan was delving into some mind molding discourse that seems to be prevalent surrounding Haiti. This was a major point prevalent throughout the conversation, but particularly at the point of the discussion when Jonathon Katz discusses Haiti as an afterthought of U.S policy or global fascist power policy and he posits Haiti in the narrative of accidental racism and essentially states that what you see is negligence and non-accountability or irresponsible behavior from incompetent leaders and dominant society. For most people, this notion about reality works. The mental response to discourse like this is ‘Yeah, nobody talks or talked to me about how to oppress Haiti or about Haiti much.’ He pretty much states that there is or has not been a conspiracy to oppress Haiti, which is to say to keep Haiti enslaved or suffering and pretty much posits a U.S ‘vision of development’ in which the stated objective is the true intention.

This ignores the ugly reality in which, for hundreds of years, global hierarchies, fascists, governments, the U.S included, have actively worked to oppress Haiti and keep the people enslaved. Dayan begins to combat this, pointing out Haiti’s political and historical significance and combats this notion of afterthought and accidental slavery, or accidental racism. She points to the columnist David Brooks and states he takes a position that Vodou is ‘progress resistant.’ She then, a short time later, brings up how the Haiti Hope Act makes sure that wages do not increase for Hatians. This is hugely relevant and connected to deliberate oppression and design. Jonathan Katz responds talking about Cholera and blithe in response to 8,000 people dying and discusses cholera as an accidental happening. This dialog seems to exemplify discourse surrounding Haiti that I read from Southern California. Discourse seems to switch from 150 to 200 thousand people dying in an earthquake as a result of deliberate actions of global hierarchies, fascists, and governments, the U.S included, taken to oppress Haiti and keep the population enslaved,-it switches then to accidental negligence of disease and the gravity switches in the mind from 200,000 to 8,000.

Once placed into 200 years of deliberate actions to oppress Haiti and the reasons for oppressing the people, the results of the earthquake can be argued as being worse than Nagasaki or Hiroshima and should be one more reason to break from the DNC and RNC. It’s not a reason to create secret projects to preserve them or to quote the DNC-RNC line of thought ‘guide them through the night’ as Occupy is.

I felt like the rest of this conversation was good, but it diverged from this point a bit.

This is one reason why I don’t participate with Occupy because they engage in these mind-warp molding activities to control dissent or dissenting opinion. The other being that they are fascist creeps. Occupy is a secret police, government project to control dissent or dissenting opinion. Occupy pretends to be an organization that is not run by the government of the United States, but they are run by the United States government. As such, they act as an organization preserving political parties and their power sharing arrangements. Arrangements they claim to oppose.

Arrangements, as they stand now, include a minimum wage in Haiti at 61 cents an hour and less. So, to reiterate, the same forces which operate NPR operate Occupy. “But thats progressive.” Sure. So one might still see obvious qualms with this, considering its progressive to call for improved slavery in the periphery, but this is actually deemed irresponsible according to content which is produced by the progressive NPR (in same Orwellian organization as Occupy). To give an example of how arrangements get preserved with the work of this one Orwellian organization, in this mental content produced about minimum wage in Haiti, Adam Davidson asks the question “Would a 5 dollar a day Wage make life better in Haiti?” The article cites the now well known Wikileaks memo that ‘reveals’ that Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and Levi worked with the U.S Embassy to aggressively block a minimum wage increase in Haiti. I say “reveal” because there’s not much revealed in that the United States government has backed coups, which murder people, multiple times on democratically elected governments against the political organizations which pass the laws to increase the pittance pay in Haiti.

Corporations run the U.S government. The message from Davidson in the article is pretty much that raising the minimum wage from 24 cents an hour is irresponsible. At the back end of the article, he exemplifies ‘improved slavery is not economical’ double speak. He says that factories would most likely close and fewer ones would be built. He promotes the notion that the population is lacking what corporations need. So, they’re kind of already hanging onto some luck by the skin of their teeth. So there’s a nuanced position on slavery. The issue is presented as complicated. The poor U.S Government-Corporations and their proxy partners in Haiti are helpless to the forces of the Global economy, not crafters of it. Davidson cites Honduras and El Salvador as seperate and non-relatable to economic crafting by corporations and the U.S government. The role of the U.S government in deliberately keeping wages down in all these places is well documented.

NPR is government radio. Which is to say, they produce propaganda that the government needs. Occupy is run by the same organization. They produce propaganda that the government needs. The government is run by corporations. It produces propaganda that the corporations need.

To provide more context for reevaluating the issue of Haiti and slavery one can look to murderous coups that replace governments as explanations of the nature of U.S force in Haiti. The nature of this being less diplomatically shrewd pragmatism suggested by state department memos and more straight despotism.

Jean Pierre Boyer was the President of Haiti who ‘negotiated’ indemnity payment of 150 million francs to France to be payed over five years for Haiti’s independance. This is a price that doubled the cost of the Louisiana purchase, which doubled the territory of the United States. Colin Dayan writes that Boyer “did not like ‘vice’ or ‘laziness’ displayed in dancing, festivals, or unsupervised meetings amongst the population.”

Like Boyer, Occupy acts as agent negotiator in the mental space shaping political perception of reality and perpetuating slave-master dichotomies. Occupy is an organization created to supervise and control dissent, meetings and protest amongst the population. To oppress people and then present yourself as their savior is completely psychotic.


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