69 Cents For Haiti

Occupy is A Fascist Front


this page will expand to further detail what this blog is in response to. Putting this short description for now.

This blog is in response to pentagon DNC Occcupy’s new age prison, and abusive fascist front. In Colin Dayan’s book Haiti History and The Gods, she points out that “the phantasm of the zombi,- a souless husk deprived of freedom, is the ultimate sign of loss and disposession.” The Pentagon has mounted me in a new age insult to vodou as part of a greater dual party preservation project associated with Occupy, utilizing many methods and technologies including remote neural monitoring and gang stalking human cages.

The importance of an organization claiming to be independent to actually be so should be self-evident. Occupy is a secret police, government project to control dissent or dissenting opinion. Occupy pretends to be an organization that is not run by the government of the United States, but they are run by the United States government. They claim to have a set of principles which they readily violate as actors. What they claim to oppose, they actually support and are part of an imperial dual party preservation project. They are agents of these same forces that still oppress people in countries like Haiti. I have 69 Cents for Haiti as the title of this blog to draw attention to propaganda being produced by Occupy and thus the DNC and RNC. Agents of Occupy are producing propaganda that masquerades as subversive art. 69, from what I gather, is supposed to represent a meshing or alliance between ideologues (supposed makers and representatives of all politics on earth) and define a style of propaganda. The propaganda was hatched from a piece of writing of my own on another blog I intedent to start amidst bombing and NATO intervention in Libya. The blog intedned, among other intentions, to draw attention, to some degree, to sinister intentions that have existed amongst global fascists, governments, hierarchies, and the U.S in dealing with people, particulalry Haiti and other places of slave rebellion. The current minimum wage in Haiti is at about 61 cents an hour and less.

Once placed into 200 years of deliberate actions to oppress Haiti and the reasons for oppressing the people, the results of the earthquake can be argued as being worse than Nagasaki or Hiroshima and should be one more reason to break from the DNC and RNC not reason to create secret projects to preserve them or to quote their line of thought ‘guide them through the night’ as Occupy is.

The packaging of Occupy 69 propaganda happens to be a manipulation of the previosly mentioned piece of writing and is now repackaged into a cult commercial as well as utilized in a security state red herring abusive diversion project. I participated in Occupy for about 40 days in November and December of 2011. I decided that I didn’t like it much. One reason being that I came to understand that its claim of being a horizontal organization was false and that it was run by secret hierarchical big brother turds. As a secret police-government project to control dissenting opinion, Occupy is much more about making people fit into whatever program or system determined by those in positions of power. These people represent parties and organizations that have largely presided over a globe in which a few thousand people control 80 percent of the resources or are in control of 80 plus percent of the system which turns earth into a giant resource farm producing grand project of confinement after grand project of confinement.

Internment Camp for Dissent

When my grandmother was alive she could turn from blissful euphoria to tumultuous ire over the topic of manzanar and internment. Roosevelt had interned Japanese Americans for their own protection!! How dishonest my siblings and I would think and often retort. And how horrible to be able to produce controlled delirium over and over in people. Yet, the 1940s seem a lot more honest than now. Occupy is a masquerade and is a new age government internment project for dissent crafted by the government to control and monitor people’s mental output and their actions and of course it’s done for common good, sold to its participants as ‘organizing.’. It creates physical, virtual, spiritual and mind control internment camps for dissent. It is a scheme conducted by the United States Government to preserve parties which have operated the government for centuries.

Why does society need to digest the Trayvon Martin story to comprehend racism when there’s 150,000 dead Hatians, having been held in slavery or the millions held in prison? The answer is because there’s 150,000 dead Hatians, having been held in slavery and there are millions in prison. It is to preserve the political parties responsible, parties “practiced in the art of diversion,” to borrow a phrase Dayan uses in her book to describe the French Nobility.

So, 69 cents For Haiti doesn’t seek to make light of Hatian slavery. It points out the absurdity of fascist front progressive organizations designed to accumulate and maintain party power arrangements. Because $1.69 an hour is unfathomable and $2.69 an hour would destroy the global so called ‘economy.’ News is and always will be about controlling the minds of the populace and is not, nor will it ever be utilized for liberation.’

More Details About Personal Subjugation Program.

I hope to add more to the above section to clearly define intentions of the blog. I am taking this bottom section to detail what I’m situated in.

The Police force in the pocket of the Democratic Party is responsible for threatening and subsequently attacking me on the highway in April of 2011 during election season. This incident was preceded by stalking and threats made by the police, including an incident 5 days prior in which I was stalked and threatened to be ‘fucked up when I least suspected it’ by two women identifying themselves as police officers. In a second threatening incident, in which a non-accidental hostile action was taken on the highway in September of 2011, there were additional witnesses. I subsequently participated in Occupy Los Angeles and came to understand that it was run by a secret big brother hierarchy or The U.S Government. For knowing this, the psycho program I was trapped in retaliated and engaged in bigger action.

Following the highway incidents and threats over the summer, I was stalked and harassed upon traveling to and participating in Occupy Los Angeles. I witnessed people dressed like protestors communicating with uniformed police officers via hand signals to target me on November 17th where there was much media presence and there was an understanding that the LAPD had just targeted protestors via ‘protesting’ police. In days proceeding and preceding this, additional occupy ‘protestors’ engaged in parallel play psyche tactics in the like of secret police. I left Occupy Los Angeles and was approached on the train and told that I should ‘work with the police.’ I was stalked to San Francisco and in the hospital during my niece’s birth I was harassed by hospital personnel in the ward where my sister was giving birth.

It was at this point a mass psyop was enacted. I have been stalked, harassed physically and electronically via remote neural monitoring and watched in a continuous panopticon duplicitous psychological campaign in which the aim is to keep me isolated, subjugated and controlled. I have been placed in a human cage and a psycho social prison due to the widespread participation of the public starting with the local neighborhood watch.

Neighborhood watch harasses me the minute I walk outside in the morning. Neighborhood watch works with Buck Mckeon, Obama administration and Occupy to stalk, abuse and harrass me as well take our home from us. This is the same occupy which stated that it was a horizontal organization. Same occupy which stated it opposed the two party system. Same occupy which stated it valued the sanctity of people’s privacy. And on and on and on…It is a fascist front. People participating with it need to divulge information.

What people find funny, is that my family does not believe this and it creates pain in our house. So this pain is a source of amusement. I joined a government program at age of 24. I worked for Americorps and Habitat for Humanity. It turned out to be a fascist front-secret police watch program and put me in a schizophrenia as applied science program. This demonstrated the government’s utilization of inflicting disease or mental illness- I will be lucky if by the time I’m thirty that I‘m 3/5 a free man. My life was infiltrated by intelligence agencies because I came into contact with multiple muslims over multiple years. I was placed into government tiered sysytem of observation program. I resisted this infiltration and I was placed into psycho programs which escalated.

I am responding in limited fashion to the abuse and imprisonment of me and my family. And stating simply my opposition to a secret police, government project that I conclude is, ultimately, a phony fascist front.

The Democratic Party has sought to keep me isolated, subjugated and controlled in response to their culpability with the police in trying to run me off the highway in April of 2011. They are utilizing an event which occurred on November 17th 2011 to do so. The intricacies of the psycho abuse program I am subject to are difficult to put in writing.

Think of a cell- wall surrounding with a tv pumping psycho-subjugative messageing perpetually at a prisoner, utilizing one method of submerging mind with messages of invalidation to digest for the purposes of systematically depressing the subject. Then, this is interwoven with messages of validation and invalidation for correctional purposes. I am confined in a space of a human cage utilizing a different media surrounding in the human cage pumping psychosubjugative messaging of invalidation perpetually at me as a public spectacle prisoner. This utilizes a method of submerging my mind with messages of invalidation to digest.

The tactics being used one me, the social collective participation, the sadism, the isolation and the control stem from the DNC being an old archaic decrepid political organization and being entrenched as a Slave Master party. They always have been and they always will be. They rearrange style, but ultimately must uphold order. They are parading me around as owned and making society feel ownership over my body, over my mind, over what I eat, over my emotianal state, over enjoyment in the shower, over pleasuring myself and phsysical space and over my home.

“The master can deny the slave control of his body, owning him physically, affectively, and even nutritionally.”


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